Many people have been asking all sorts of questions about the cameras, so I thought I'd create an FAQ page with the info gathered. Hopefully it'll be helpful to you.

This is a growing section, so check back often if you have further doubts to clear.

If you have any further questions not covered in this FAQ, please send me an email at, and I'll try my best to answer.

A. General Questions
1.  When inserting the SDHC card, how can we tell it's fully inserted?
Ans: The SDHC card can only be inserted in a single specific direction. The socket design prevents it
being inserted in any other direction. When correctly and fully inserted, it will click into place. To remove, press the card in again, and the spring loaded catch will release the card. The following picture displays how it looks before and after inserting an SDHC card.  This applies to the following cameras: F500HD, F880HD, F900HD, and their variants.

2. Where is the best position to mount the camcorder for the best view, especially with a 120° lens?
Ans: Mounting it as centrally on the windscreen is usually the best position. However, the rearview mirror is usually located there, and is in the way, depending on the model of the car. Thus, the advise is to place as close to the centre without obstructing the rearview mirror, or the driver's forward view of the windscreen is the next best option.

It is also important to note that the bright LCD screen may pose a distraction to the driver, but having the camera hidden behind the rearview mirror may not allow the driver to notice what is being recorded. You mileage may vary.

3. Can the camcorder operate without the internal battery, but only with the USB charger?
Ans: Yes, the camcorder is able to operate with just USB power, and without the removable battery. However, removing the battery, and leaving the camcorder without power for any length of time, may cause the camcorder to lose its settings such as date and time, and revert it back to factory status.

4. How does the motion detection feature work?
Ans: There is a menu setting called "Motion Detect" that needs to be set to "ON".  With this feature on, the camera can be set to start recording. After about 1/2 min of no movement detected in front of the camera, it goes into standby mode. Whenever it detects motion, it triggers the recording to start again.

With the feature on, when the vehicle is in motion, it will continue recording, until all movement in front of the camera stops for about 1/2 min.

One limitation on  using the motion detecting feature (whilst car engine is off) is power supply - the internal battery should last for about 2 hours of recording use, from a full charge. For a full day of power (eg. for surveillance purposes), you may need to wire your camera directly to the car battery.
Another limitation for the motion detection feature is the capacity if the SDHC card. On a 16GB card, at 1280x720 resolution, the card is able to store nearly 8hours of footage before recycling. Therefore, for longer recording periods, it would be advisable to consider higher capacity cards, or lower resolution recording.